I'm Alex. Colorado born and raised, current New Yorker Figuring out what life has planned out for me. This is my place to waste time. You'll see Adventure Time, MUSIC, pictures, stars, love, and other random stuff along with some posts about life and butts. kbye
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I really love to stay a little later after class and listen to people ask my physics professor the dumbest questions.

I had a dream last night that my dad and I were trying to fix the dimensions on our tv and I feel like that’s exactly what my life will be when I move home in a month.




I remember when I thought people in their 20’s were adults. Now all of my friends are in their 20’s and everybody is just kind of fumbling around bumping into each other, trying to figure out where the free food is


This is the most accurate post I have ever seen

all of my blue jeans now have a hole in the crotch 

Both of the variety acts I’m in made it into the show and I’m crying because I’ll get to perform with two of my best friends. Sorry for all of these weird like one sentence posts it’s just been an emotional night and I’m so happy and sad like all at the same time and it’s a weird moment.

The sass can’t be contained tonight

sw3gbanana asked
Hi. What are your feelings for cat abortions? Please reply


My best friend Melissa and I are auditioning Little Talks for a variety act tomorrow and while we were practicing we made her housemate cry because it was beautiful and we were singing it to each other.