I'm Alex. Colorado born and raised. Filmmaking Major. This is my place to waste time. You'll see Adventure Time, MUSIC, pictures, stars, love, and other random stuff along with some posts about life and butts. kbye
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Anonymous asked
Can you guys read properly? That anon NEVER said to shave the beard but to TRIM it. There's a total difference. And i actually kinda agree with him : Of course Alex should keep a beard, but trimming it a bit (a bit!) would be better, especially on the sides i'd say. This summer the Alex beard is slightly too wild, it gives a too 'careless' vibe, and not that elegant cubby style he used to sport. Kisses to you Alex, and y'all.

Woah woah. Calm down, yo. It’s a beard. 

lieutstardust asked
Good looking and a sense of humor? Not bad, not bad at all.

I have a sense of humor? 

alexwestgaul asked
Wow just saw you were asked to shave your beard because according to an anon, it "isn't working for you".... THAT'S BULLSHIT. Your beard and yourself are fucking gorgeous. Love the blog btw.

Thanks :)

So I think I’m gonna do the travel team… The guy I spoke to Sunday messaged me today and told me all I have to do is pick out flights and they’ll take care of them and the hotel is paid for already. Free trip? Yes please. He also said I’d be starting defense and playing offense as well. I’m alright with missing class for this. WEEEEEEEEEE TRAVELING FOR SPORTS AGAIN!

Yesterday after my football game a guy from the competitive traveling team asked me to play with them and when I said I don’t have money to travel this fall he said the team would pay for my ticket and hotel… I hardly know anyone on the team and it’s making it tough to say yes or no. 

So there’s that for you, Tumblr.

Anonymous asked
how come you didnt answer my questions? ill admit i was pretty fucking drunk but c'mon dude

what questions?

Anonymous asked
We really want to see a picture of you in your new football shorts.

They’re all grass stained up now. Probs won’t be any pics


lessdanthree asked
if it wasn't for the beard i prob wouldn't have recognized your sexyness on growlr hahaha

hahahahaha thanks

adamsmasher asked
I'm glad you're not getting rid of the beard! That beard is like 9/10 of why I followed you.

You’re gonna give my beard an ego. We can’t have that.